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April 1 2011 is the first anniversary of the death of Claire Murray, a casualty of Perth’s Generation deX. In 1998 her parents, Mick and Val Murray, took Claire aged twelve to a paediatrician. She was diagnosed with ADHD and put on 40 milligrams of dexamphetamine a day. Tragically, although hardly surprisingly, Claire went on to develop an addiction to amphetamines. She then moved onto heroin, and caught hepatitis B through needle sharing. Her liver failed and she received a transplant in 2009.

Within months of receiving the transplant Claire returned to abusing heroin and her donated liver failed. In March 2010 Claire’s aunt Caroline courageously volunteered a partial liver donation for transplant and Claire and her aunt were operated on in Singapore. Sadly, Claire’s second transplant failed due to complications, and she died aged twenty-five in Singapore on 1 April 2010, surrounded by Mick, Val and other family members, but away from her daughter Chloe (4) and son Taj (2).

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