ADHD and chemical imbalance

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By guest blogger Dr Bob Jacobs, Pys. D

Forward by Martin Whitely 

Dr Bob Jacobs, a US trained psychologist now working in Queensland, originally wrote this piece for the Youth affairs Network of Queensland in 2005.[1] It highlights some of the tricks used by the ADHD Industry to justify the long term drugging of children with amphetamines and other psychotropic drugs.

When evaluating ADHD research Bob warns us to;

1. Watch out for bad science- like failing to disclose if “ADHD” research subjects have been previously “medicated” and thereby confusing the damage done by prescription amphetamines with the subjects “ADHD”.

2. Watch out for bias-  including who paid for the research and have the researchers disclosed any past dealings with commercial interests who may benefit from the research.

3. Think which came first: the chicken or the egg?- are the researchers confusing cause and effect?

4. Look for the false underlying premise- including how the ADHD Industry turns (healthy, normal, human) difference into disease.

Bob’s plain language blog is worth reading and filing for reference when you next consume supposedly ‘independent’ scientific research on the safety and efficacy of ‘ADHD’ drugs.

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