March 2011

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April 1 2011 is the first anniversary of the death of Claire Murray, a casualty of Perth’s Generation deX. In 1998 her parents, Mick and Val Murray, took Claire aged twelve to a paediatrician. She was diagnosed with ADHD and put on 40 milligrams of dexamphetamine a day. Tragically, although hardly surprisingly, Claire went on to develop an addiction to amphetamines. She then moved onto heroin, and caught hepatitis B through needle sharing. Her liver failed and she received a transplant in 2009.

Within months of receiving the transplant Claire returned to abusing heroin and her donated liver failed. In March 2010 Claire’s aunt Caroline courageously volunteered a partial liver donation for transplant and Claire and her aunt were operated on in Singapore. Sadly, Claire’s second transplant failed due to complications, and she died aged twenty-five in Singapore on 1 April 2010, surrounded by Mick, Val and other family members, but away from her daughter Chloe (4) and son Taj (2).

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If, as the ADHD Industry frequently claims, ADHD is a neurobiological disease, a child’s birth date should have no bearing on their chances of being diagnosed and ‘medicated’. However, two recent (2010) US studies demonstrate the children who are the youngest in their school year are much more likely than their oldest classmates to be diagnosed and ‘medicated’.

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